Tom “Durrr” Dwan’s First Paid Poker Lesson

Full Tilt Poker Pro Tom “durrr” Dwan is about to provide his first ever paid poker lesson on April 19, as he twitted on his twitter account. His co – team member in Full Tilt, Patrick Antonius will also be giving a paid poker lesson the day before Tom Dwan.

Tom “durrr” Dwan is also known as an online legend. There is no doubt that Tom “durrr” Dwan is a very talented player who could build a large roll even if he was just in the beginning of today’s poker games. As compared before where he first involved in poker, today’s games are much harder.

Having the opportunity to receive instructions from two of the top three disputable top three cash game players in the world is one of a kind experience. The teaching will take place through the audio video technology of a new teaching website build by Full Tilt Pro, author and Harvard Professor Brandon Adams.

Said teaching site is known as It will be offering a one – on – one teaching from specialist across kinds of fields and the website platform will start  its first week with instructions from poker artists such as Tom Dwan and Patrick Antonius as an addition to many others.

Adams said that “Having Patrick and Tom available to the poker community is clearly a great resource, and I’m very curious to see what their initial hours of coaching will go for.. Tom is simply the most innovative mind in poker, and many of the best poker players of his (or any) generation have publicly credited him as being the leading influence in their poker development. Tom is exceptionally quick, and I think he’ll pack a lot of insight into a typical one hour session.”

Adams also added that, “Patrick is probably the second biggest winner in poker over the last decade.. At one point, he was the biggest winner in every major game type on Full Tilt. By results, Patrick and Phil Ivey are the best internet poker players on the planet. Patrick has never given a poker lesson before, and he has not firmly committed to give lessons after April 18, so I’d have to suppose that his April 18 lesson goes for a staggeringly high rate.”

Moreover, Through Adam’s Twitter account, users can bid on lessons with  Tom Dwan and Patrick Antonius. Adams stated that he will retweet the present bid. Therefore, people will know where the price stands. Said bidding will start at $3,000 and go in increments of $100. The majority of the proceeds thereof will be donated to Moris Jeff Community School.

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